18 things i’ve learned by eighteen

1- people don’t actually notice most of the things you think they do. the pimple on your face isn’t the only thing they see when they look at you. your stutter when you’re nervous doesn’t affect what they think of you. basically, the things that seem so big and embarrassing are actually barely noticed by…

day 3: 18th birthday

Today I became an “adult”. Still not sure what that really means, though. Since yesterday was so busy with the wedding we planned on just having a chill day. But then decided on going to Key Largo. (Only picture I took 😬) It looked amazing. It was such a gorgeous view. Just don’t sniff and…

day 1: flying to FL

In the wee hours of the morning, while the grass was still covered in dew, we head out of our sweet home and headed to the airport. We got to the airport, went through security, and got to our gate. (I got my Starbucks btw😉) TIP FOR DIARY FREE READERS: Starbuck’s soy Frappuccinos are incredible….


I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to get my associates. I am fully aware of how privileged I am, and that not everyone has the chance to get an education, but God has blessed me with the opportunity and resources to further my education and I…

t – 3 days till graduation; what i’ve learned

It still hasn’t quite hit me yet that I’m graduating on Saturday with my Associates. After 2 years of classes and not taking breaks for summer, I made it to the end. I keep telling myself that it isn’t a big deal. People get there associates all the time, and it’s just in General Studies….

teaching yourself a subject

Being able to teach yourself a subject takes discipline and lots of motivation. But there is no college/teacher/due date stress that come along with it. It’s self paced and you can go as in depth as you want. This summer, I am teaching myself Physics and German, and I am determined to get through it….

accuracy of “the post”; by steven spielberg

by Maddie Blanchard Steven Spielberg’s film, The Post, starts in 1966, when Daniel Ellsberg, the State Departments military analyst, was traveling with American soldiers in Vietnam. He was sent there to document any progress that he might see in the war. After returning from the battlefield, Ellsberg presented the information he obtained to the Secretary…

top tips on time management and procrastination

The definition of time management is; the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively… So… like the opposite of procrastination. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys… Chances are, you’re here because you have absolutely no desire to do what you should really be doing. And I am not going to sit here and tell…

the eve before a big day; my top 5 tips for de-stressing

Tomorrow’s opening night. My first soloist role, as well as, my first role on pointe …oof… the stress is high guys… Millions of unwanted butterflies in my stomach this week. Undoubtably, there were times in which I felt I was going to be carried far up into the space. // Alright, let’s get into it….

negative passions; analysis on “the enormous radio”

Essay by Maddie Blanchard Summary of “The Enormous Radio” by John Cheever “In the story’s opening paragraph, the narrator spares no effort in presenting Jim and Irene Westcott as a typical, moderately successful Manhattan couple, married nine years, with one child of each sex; significantly, the Westcott children are seldom seen in the story and…