It’s been a while…

hey everyone.

so it has been a year since i have been one here…

but recently felt God pushing me to share my story more.

i want to start with an update on my life.

since last year i applied and got accepted into Liberty University’s Strategic Intelligence online program for Fall 2019.

two weeks before classes started i began to get anxiety over whether or not this was the right path for me.

so i decided to take the semester off to figure out what i wanted to do.

instead of spending my fall taking classes, i did ballet, i was part of my company’s production of Nutcracker (where i played the part of the cook (party scene), snowflake, Spanish core, mother ginger (SO. MUCH. FUN.), and was thrown into Russian last minute when a soloist got injured and we needed to move people around),

i researched colleges, scholarships, careers, job locations, programs… you name it,

i learned a little more about myself,

and most importantly, i grew my relationship with God.

okay so if you have read any of my first posts, you know that i literally want to study everything and have a degree in everything, a job in everything.

i want to do everythingggg. which poses quite a problem, because… i can’t.

so anyways throughout the rest of 2019 i went from saying

YES i am going to definitely do Strategic Intelligence…

to… I am going to be a NURSE!

to… what about being a astrophysicist?

heyyy what about a software engineer?

to … what if i did pursue art as a career?

annnd back to NO i am definitely going into criminal justice of some kind…

and well what about … animation…


long story short… I am currently on my second 8-week semester at SNHU, pursuing a career in Visual Development, studying Game Art and Development (this program offered everything i wanted to be able to go into a visual development career, but WAY cheaper than more specific programs at other “ART” colleges)

i have been LOVING it.

i know that reading this post you may be thinking “shes totally going to change careers again”

and you know what that is VERY possible.

however, i feel more at peace with the decision to go into an art/animation degree than i have with any other program.

art is something i could never live without. however, whenever i thought of making it my career before it scared me because being forced to do something i love so much would take the fun out of it, right?

i have recently been feeling like this gift that God gave me, to be able to illustrate things and create things from my imagination onto paper, is something God has a plan for.

so i am pursuing it.

I still want to do all the other thing listed above and I struggle some days knowing im studying art and not nursingforensicsciencecriminaljusticelawcomputerprogramming…

i know that God’s has a huge plan for me.

no matter where i am next in ten years i know that all this will strengthen my faith and relationship with God.

so for now i will be in my room, studying, drawing, creating, sharing my creations, and writing here…

this was a quick little update on where im at, but i look forward to writing on here more and sharing what God is teaching me and what i am doing everyday.


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