day 3: 18th birthday

Today I became an “adult”.

Still not sure what that really means, though.

Since yesterday was so busy with the wedding we planned on just having a chill day.

But then decided on going to Key Largo.

(Only picture I took 😬)

It looked amazing.

It was such a gorgeous view.

Just don’t sniff and you’ll be okay.

Because of the “mangrove” (locals?) dead fish and gross muck has no no ay out so it sits and bakes in the heat.

Causing a retched smell.

We learned that going in the winter is best.

On our way back I got a birthday soy frappechino.

So that was good.

After we got back to the house we grilled some burgers.


Dinner passed and we had some gluten free brownies and ice cream.

Family left and we got a deck of cards out and stayed up until 12:30am playing “name that song”.

At the end, today was pretty great.

It was an adventure.

A fun, crazy, adventure.

And that’s all I wanted.


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