t – 3 days till graduation; what i’ve learned

It still hasn’t quite hit me yet that I’m graduating on Saturday with my Associates.

After 2 years of classes and not taking breaks for summer, I made it to the end.

I keep telling myself that it isn’t a big deal.

People get there associates all the time, and it’s just in General Studies.

But, no…

I need to be more proud of myself, because it is a big deal.

No, it’s not a bachelors. No, I’m not a certified nurse, and I couldn’t recite to you the periodic table of elements.

But on Saturday I will have my Associates at seventeen, and that’s more than I could say I had a year ago.

There’s so much that I have learned throughout this endeavor (not a lot of them being academic. I’ve already forgotten most of what I have learned 😉 )

But, I learned that the more effort you put into something, the more proud you’ll be of a good outcome.

I’ve learned that you don’t necessarily need to be the smartest, as long as you show effort, consideration, thoughtfullness, and reach out to your teachers with questions or help, you’ll be just fine.

I have learned that being an overachiever is the best way to get an A.

I have learned the importance of putting in your best effort even if you already have an A+, because if you don’t it could bite back at you.

I’ve learned how to self-motivate, manage my time, and to further hone my self-discipline.

I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to take a week day-by-day.

I’ve learned how to manage stress. Telling myself that an exam, or a paper, or the grade I just received does not, in any way, shape, or form, define my worth.

And, most importantly, I’ve learned to trust in God’s plan, that I could find peace and comfort in Him, and that nothing is as important as knowing and following Him.

Whatever you do, just keep going forward.

Not back.

Don’t find contentment with where you are.

Go forwards.

Because that’s where dream become reality

and yesterday’s impossible

becomes today’s normal.


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