teaching yourself a subject

Being able to teach yourself a subject takes discipline and lots of motivation.

But there is no college/teacher/due date stress that come along with it.

It’s self paced and you can go as in depth as you want.

This summer, I am teaching myself Physics and German, and I am determined to get through it.

For me, I needed to come up with a plan.

I couldn’t just dive into the subject. I needed an idea of how much I needed to do a week to get it done.

Maybe you can just dive in but personally i like to see it all written out in front of me.

Figure out how much you need to do.

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Whatever. But divide up the chapters, lessons, or pages by how ever many days you have to complete it! And wala! You have a number of how much you need to do. (Make sure to add in wiggle room though 😉 )

Make sure to study and quiz yourself.

So, for me, I am studying German on Duolingo (which is an amazing app btw. Fully recommend). I do daily lessons and quizzes and write down new word that I’m learning! Writing down things will help you remember!

For physics, I am studying the major sections by referring to the quizzes and questions at the end of each lesson; making sure I grasp the major concepts.

Completely emerge yourself in the subject.

Watch documentaries. YouTube videos. Read books. Finding ways to enjoy the subject will make learning it a million times easier.

Self discipline and motivation is important.

You won’t be able to learn a subject self-paced without it. Find a reason that your doing this and use it as motivation!

Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most” -Abraham Lincoln


Thank you guys so much for reading,

I know today’s post was short but I really felt like sharing this!

Any subject or topics your teaching yourself?


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  1. Self-discipline and motivation are crucial factors, you’re right, without them we have no hopes of teaching ourselves anything.

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  2. La Sunshine says:

    Hey, even I am teaching myself French with the help of Duo lingo 🙂 I agree its amazing app, especially for basic knowledge. Great read!

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    1. maddiemaybe says:

      Yes! It definitely is! Thank you so much!!

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