20 realistic ideas to add to your summer bucket list

It’s May and summer is coming faster than you know. So, get your bathing suit out (or buy a new one), turn on the AC, and get ready to read twenty things that will make your summer… EPIC.

Everyone wants to say that they had the greatest summer ever. We want to tell our friends they went to the Bahamas, swam with dolphins, or went snorkeling in the Caribbean. But, let’s be real. Most of our summers consist of Netflix, probably swimming, and the occasional ice cream shop visit. And that’s okay.

There is nothing wrong with that.

But, for those people out there who want to do more than normal or even just something different… keep reading.

Now, quick side note….

This is not going to be a list of things that you probably can’t do. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you should snorkeling somewhere, or to go across the country on a vacation with your family, because honestly those are pretty hard to make happen.

So, here is a list of easier, realistic, and manageable things you should do this summer….

  1. Spend an afternoon doing chalk art with a friend.

(unknown source)

This is honestly so much fun. You don’t need to be an artist to do this either. Tap into your inner child, grab some chalk, some friends, and have a blast.


2. Read one book every two weeks.

(unknown source)

I cannot tell you how important reading is. It’s such a great stress reliever and has so many mental benefits. Plus, you can read outside while your tanning 😉

which brings me to…


3. Get a few shades darker.


Who doesn’t want to be tanner? Plus, it is really relaxing, and the vitamin D you get while being outside is really good for you. (just don’t stay out too long…)


4. Improve a skill.

(unknown source)

This can be different for everyone, but for me I really want to get better at drawing, specifically architecture. Think of one thing that you want to get better at, and just do itttt.


5. Camp outside with friends.

(unknown source)

This is so much fun, and definitely something both you and your friends will remember forever. You get to watch the sun set or rise, eat some s’mores, play games, bond, and probably get eaten alive by mosquitoes, but uh… just remember the bug spray.


6. Star gaze in the bed of a truck (or trunk of a car)


I absolutely love star-gazing. If I could just stare at the sky for the remainder of my life I’d be pretty stoked. You can do this with friends or even by yourself. It’s really peaceful and you might even learn things while you watch (and catch a glimpse of a few shooting stars!)


7. Become more flexible.


Being flexible has so many benefits. You feel more limber, can go about your daily tasks a little easier, and it is reallllly relaxing.


8. Start a little garden.


Being able to watch something you planted grow is really satisfying and something everyone needs to experience. There is no downside to this… it looks gorgeous, and you can spend your mornings drinking coffee by your plants. Who would want that??


9. Messy twister with friends.


This is definitely on my summer bucket list. Paint. Twister. Friends. Messes. Need I say more?


10. Go on a fun breakfast date.


Whether with friends, your significant other, or family, this is really fun to do. And you get some quality time with someone you love.


11. Go roller skating.

(unknown source)

Love it….so bad at it, though. However, it is an absolute blast nonetheless, and everyone should do it.


12. Go to the movies at couple times a throughout the summer.

(Ohio theatre)

Go see a new movie, an old movie, or just show up and be adventurous and just pick the first thing you see! (…this can be dangerous though, haha…)


13. Reorganize your bedroom (or house)


Change is nice sometimes, and when is a better time to do it when you all tired of the outdors but don’t know what else to do!


14. Create some bedroom decor.


Also, very fun. Plus, it spices up your room a bit! You could go for cozy decor, minimalist, 80’s, the I’m A Crazy Fangirl look, …anything.


15. Go to the spa. Pamper yourself.


Yes. Please.


16. Paint your mailbox.


Such an artistic activity. You see it whenever you come home AND your mailman/lady really enjoys it too 😉


17. Learn to bake something crazy. (And eat it all 😉)


Just …. don’t burn down the house.


18. Take more photos.


Document all your fun and crazy summer adventures.


19. Go to a concert.


Go jam out at a concert. Dance around, wave your arms, headband to your favorite song. I dare you.


20. Find a place to jump off rocks into the ocean.

(unknown source)

No 911 calls, though. Those are not fun.


In the end, enjoy yourself, have fun, and spend time with the ones you love, and I promise your summer will be amazing.

Thank you so much for reading!

Comment something that’s on your summer bucket list!


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  1. heidiweav says:

    Such great ideas!! Love it!👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. maddiemaybe says:

      Thank you so much!!


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