the eve before a big day; my top 5 tips for de-stressing

Tomorrow’s opening night.

My first soloist role, as well as, my first role on pointe …oof… the stress is high guys…

Millions of unwanted butterflies in my stomach this week. Undoubtably, there were times in which I felt I was going to be carried far up into the space.


Alright, let’s get into it.

Remember that day before the you had something big? Maybe it was a big presentation, an audition, it was your first day at your new work, first day of class, maybe even your wedding, or in my case, a ballet performance…? If so, you probably know that the day before days like this, are filled with loads of butterflies, stress, and quite frankly way too much coffee.

Stress can have some fairly significant effects on us physically.

If you are interested in knowing what the effects are, go to The American Institute of Stress, at It was really interesting to read and see how much harm stress actually does to your body.

Anyway, keep reading and see how you can relieve your worries, and finish you overly caffeinated day right.

  1. Treat yourself to an at home spa.

I’m not going to go to in depth with this, (let me know if you want me to make a separate post though), but go put on your favorite face-mask or throw together a diy face-mask, put on some music, run the bath water, light some candles, and just chill. It does wonders.

2. Write out your schedule for the next day.


Write out your hourly schedule.

The tasks of the next day. (you can prioritize your list too)

The specific details of what is stressing you out.

All in all, writing it out and seeing it on paper makes things seem way less scary.

3. Kick up your feet and watch your favorite show.


Sometimes all you need is to just take your mind off things. Also, any excuse to watch Netflix, is pretty great 😉

4. Break a sweat.


One of my absolute favorite de-stressing activities. It isn’t just good for you overall, but when you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which triggers a positive feeling! Cool, right?

5. Change your mindset.


There’s a saying that sports are 10% physical and 90% mental, but I feel like that goes for everything. If you don’t put yourself in the right mindset you may never be able to effectively accomplish difficult life tasks. Think your situation through, and just find a way to put yourself in a mindset, that whatever scary thing it is you are worrying about, doesn’t scare you anymore.

5. Pray.


My favorite and the most important part of distressing, to me. Ask Him for peace and comfort. Ask Him for strength. Ask Him for grace and wisdom, provided something goes wrong. There’s not a single thing in the world that you’ll go through and He won’t be right by your side.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite verses…

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, do not be afraid. -John 14:27

I hope these helped with whatever you’re facing or about to face, however big or small the object is that is stresses you. You’ll get through whatever it is.

Just remember to exhale.


Thank you so much for reading,

comment what you though, as well as, things you like to do to de-stress!


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